This home exercise equipment focuses on your upper and mid-section has received rave reviews.  11 of 15 customers gave the Bowflex Body Tower a 5 out of 5 rating; those are great numbers and an almost perfect score.  Let us take a closer look at this piece of exercise equipment that everyone is so excited about.


Assembly takes, on average, 30 minutes, and usually no more than one hour.

The tools required for assembly are included.

Easy to understand assembly instructions.

Sturdy construction.

The machine weight totals 120 pounds.

This machine handles user weight of up to 300 pounds.

More than 18 different exercises are provided.

There is a wide base for extra stability.

Exercise video demonstrations are available online.

Reasonably priced.

Straps are included for hanging knee raise exercises.

Safe and secure while doing the exercises.

Not an “eye sore”; an attractive, non-obtrusive piece of exercise equipment.

Adjustable bar.


If you are taller than six feet, this machine might feel slightly undersized for your body.  This is the only negative that has been stated by customers that have purchased and used the Bowflex Body Tower in the comfort of their home.  It is obvious that the “pros” outweigh the “cons” with this machine.  It is no surprise that happy customers praise this machine and would certainly recommend it.


Height = 76.9”

Side Length = 51.2”

Front length = 49.7”

It has been said that abdominal crunches done from the hanging position are very effective as it engages all your core muscles and provides an array of different and fun exercise because of the freedom you get from hanging.

This machine is well padded and provides a comfortable, safe and effective workout.  It is not limited, it expands with your exercise advances and offers you more challenging exercises as you master each one and move on to the next.

Most people would not consider this a very expensive piece of exercise equipment and you can probably get a cheaper version; but Bowflex keeps a very high standard in the construction of their equipment.  A less expense version of this machine would probably not have the sturdy construction you will definitely get with the original Bowflex Body Tower.  It might be wise to invest the extra few bucks and get the higher quality for your safety and security while performing these exercises.